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2018-2019 Course List

Correct as of February 16, 2019

Division of Undergraduate Studies
Spring Semester
Jewish Civilization, Religion and History 

48115    | Bible and Babel: Studies in The Bible and Ancient Near East3 Credits
Prof. Wayne Horowitz
48171    | Archaeology of Jerusalem3 Credits
Ms. Marva Balouka
48149    | Searching for Identity and Community: Judaism and Jewish Thought in the Modern Era3 Credits
Prof. Edward Breuer
48249    | Jewish Experiential Education: Achievements, Challenges, and Opportunities3 Credits
Dr. Howard Deitcher
48252    | Internship for Jewish Experiential Education1 Credits
48412    | Christians and Jews Under Islam3 Credits
Prof. Norman Stillman
48417    | Jewish- Non-Jewish Relations and Rescue During the Holocaust3 Credits
Dr. David Silberklang
48418    | Contemporary Anti-Semitism: Same Old or Something New?3 Credits
Dr. Katherine Aron-Beller
48600    | Marriage and Sexuality in Ancient Judaism3 Credits
Dr. Jason Rogoff
48609    | What Does it Mean to be Jewish? How the Rabbis of the Talmud Shaped Jewish Identity and Practice¬†3 Credits
Dr. Jason Rogoff
48612    | A History of Jewish Mysticism3 Credits
Dr. Eliezer Shore
48635    | Religion and Conflict in the Middle East: A Jewish Perspective3 Credits
Dr. Alick Isaacs
Israel Studies: History, Politics, Soc. & Culture 

48203    | Issues in Israeli Society3 Credits
Dr. Jonathan Kaplan
48414    | From Pioneer and Sabra to Contemporary Israeli Identities3 Credits
Dr. David Mendelsson
48624    | Israeli Narratives of War and Peace3 Credits
Dr. Elliott Malamet
48676    | Jerusalem's Architectural Heritage; A Tale of a City and Its Buildings3 Credits
Mr. Abraham Silver
50420    | Israeli Film: Identity, Culture and Society2 Credits
- To be announced
56156    | Religion and State in Israel: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives2 Credits
- To be announced
Middle East & Islam: Politics & IR 

40825    | The Transition to a Low Carbon Society: A 3-Day Field Workshop in the Desert2 Credits
- To be announced
48278    | The Palestinians: Modern History and Society3 Credits
Prof. Nafez Nazzal
48290    | Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Origins and Issues3 Credits
Dr. Toby Greene
48371    | Theories of International Relations and the Realities of the Middle East3 Credits
Prof. Arie Marcelo Kacowicz
Prof. Arie Marcelo Kacowicz
Conflict and Security Studies 

48426    | The Nuclear Challenge and International Security: The Middle East and Beyond3 Credits
Dr. Azriel Bermant
48427    | Diversity and Coexistence3 Credits
Dr. Ofer Shinar
48429    | Cybersecurity: Prevention and Regulation of Cyber Threats3 Credits
Dr. Tamar Berenblum
48431    | Introduction to Counter-Terrorism3 Credits
Dr. Alexandra Herfroy-Mischler

48641    | Introduction to Philosophy Through Film3 Credits
Mr. Shachar Yanai
Business and Law 

48242    | The Role of International Law in Formulating Foreign Policy3 Credits
Prof. Robbie Sabel
48741    | Israel's Economy in the Global Context3 Credits
Dr. Zvi-Uri Ullmann
Psychology and Cognitive Sciences 

48753    | Issues in Cognitive Neuroscience3 Credits
Dr. Benedetta Heimler
48759    | Trauma and Resilience3 Credits
Dr. Danielle Erez
Language Courses 

48233    | Colloquial Arabic- I (Beginners)3 Credits
Ms. Noa Byder
48727    | Arabic Immersion- Advanced Fusha Part 26 Credits
Ms. Sagit Butbul
48733    | Arabic Immersion Program- Beginners Amia6 Credits
Ms. Amal Nagammy
48734    | Co-Curricular Activities of The Arabic Immersion Program2 Credits
48736    | Arabic Immersion Program- Intermediate Amia6 Credits
Ms. Suha Kadry
48737    | Arabic Immersion Program- Advanced Fusha6 Credits
Ms. Sagit Butbul
48740    | Arabic Immersion Program- Advanced Amia3 Credits
Ms. Suha Kadry
Hebrew Language Courses 

48001    | Modern Hebrew: Aleph, Intermediate Level6 Credits
Ms. Shifra Witman
48003    | Modern Hebrew: Bet, Lower Intermediate Level, Part I6 Credits
Ms. Dana Spektor
48005    | Modern Hebrew: Bet, Lower Intermediate Level, Part II6 Credits
Mr. Joel Auerbach
48007    | Modern Hebrew: Gimel, Upper Intermediate Level, Part I6 Credits
Ms. Inbal Blass
48008    | Modern Hebrew: Gimel, Upper Intermediate Level, Part II6 Credits
Ms. Yonat Eliyahu
48013    | Modern Hebrew: Dalet, Lower Advanced Level, Part I6 Credits
- To be announced
48014    | Modern Hebrew: Dalet, Lower Advanced Level, Part II6 Credits
- To be announced
48018    | Modern Hebrew: Aleph, Level plus conversational7 Credits
- To be announced
48019    | Modern Hebrew: Bet, Lower Intermediate Level plus conversational7 Credits
Ms. Inbal Blass
48022    | Modern Hebrew: Aleph, Advanced6 Credits
Ms. Michal Gottlieb
Ms. Maytal Halevi
Ms. Anat Zemel
Ms. Ester Amon
48918    | Modern Hebrew: Heh, Advanced Level7 Credits
Departmental Courses 

48771    | Independent Study3 Credits
48772    | Internship1 Credits
Diversity in Education 

34597    | History of Israeli Education: Between Segregation and Integration2 Credits
- To be announced
34598    | Multicultural Civic Education: The Case of Israel2 Credits
- To be announced
34599    | Inclusive Early Childhood Special Education2 Credits
- To be announced
34600    | Teaching Other Religions in Jewish Education2 Credits
- To be announced
34601    | Cultural Pluralism or Multiculturalism: A Socio-Psychological Perspective2 Credits
- To be announced
34602    | The Arab Society and Arab Education in Israel2 Credits
- To be announced

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