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2021-2022 Course List

Correct as of July 25, 2021

Division of Undergraduate Studies
Autumn Semester
48159    | Corona: The And3 Credits
- To be announced
Jewish Civilization, Religion and History 

48319    | The Battle Over the Bible: The Bible in the Eyes of Jews, Christians and Muslims3 Credits
Dr. Chanan Gafni
48135    | After Nazism- The Philosophy of Identity and the Jewish Conflict with the West3 Credits
Dr. Alick Isaacs
48161    | Culture of Conflict: The World of the Talmud3 Credits
Dr. Jason Rogoff
48418    | Contemporary Anti-Semitism: Same Old or Something New?3 Credits
Dr. Katherine Aron-Beller
48525    | Hasidism: From Mystic Fraternity to Reactionary Movement3 Credits
Dr. Eliezer Shore
Israel Studies: History, Politics, Soc. & Culture 

48186    | Reporting Armed Conflict: The Middle East3 Credits
Ms. Linda Gradstein
48203    | Issues in Israeli Society3 Credits
Dr. Jonathan Kaplan
48221    | The History of the Modern State of Israel3 Credits
Dr. David Mendelsson
48267    | Pluralities: Jewish and Israeli Identity Through the Prism of Art and Material Culture3 Credits
Dr. Susan Nashman Fraiman
Middle East & Islam: Politics & IR 

48144    | Belief and Ritual in Islam3 Credits
Dr. Daphna Sharef-Davidovich
48192    | Negotiating Middle East Peace3 Credits
Prof. Arie Marcelo Kacowicz
48197    | The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Histories and Narratives3 Credits
Dr. Menachem Merhavy
Conflict and Security Studies 

48433    | Israel's Security in Perspective3 Credits
Dr. Menachem Merhavy
Business and Law 

48242    | The Role of International Law in Formulating Foreign Policy3 Credits
Prof. Robbie Sabel
48716    | Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship 1013 Credits
55429    | Technology in Israel3 Credits
- To be announced
Language Courses 

48233    | Colloquial Arabic I (Beginners)3 Credits
Ms. Noa Byder
Departmental Courses 

48046    | Independent Study3 Credits
48047    | Internship1 Credits

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